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New London Architecture event: Towards zero-carbon London

19 Sep 2019

New London Architecture held a half day conference on 17 September entitled ‘Designing for a changing climate: towards zero-carbon London’. The conference discussed how to make London a truly sustainable, zero-carbon city, addressing sustainable materials and innovation in construction methods, lessons learned and case studies on reducing carbon emissions from the design and construction industry.

Why Being a STEM Ambassador is Important to Me?

17 Sep 2019

Having recently joined The Concrete Centre, as a structural engineer within the technical team based from the London office, I have a rich background in studying, and working within, a STEM environment.

Structural Concrete Student Competition Winners Announced

12 Sep 2019

The Concrete Centre’s annual student competition, in partnership with Laing O’Rourke has been won by a team from the Imperial College London. The 2019 competition brief for teams of engineering students was to design a laboratory building which is to be built on a prominent site on the outskirts of a large UK town.

Raising the Bar Competence Report: Explained

31 Aug 2019

Earlier this month the Competence Steering Group released its first response to Hackitt – an interim report on competence schemes for all people working on high-risk residential buildings. If implemented, it could be one of the biggest shake-ups the industry has seen in decades. But has the report been set up to fail?

Building Standards (Scotland) Technical Handbook Update

21 Aug 2019

On the 12 July revised Technical Handbooks were published in Scotland. The revisions follow the Scottish consultation on the Building and Fire Safety in 2018 and the revised guidance comes into force on the 1st of October.

Beautiful Buildings

02 Aug 2019

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – a phrase that neatly sums up much of the debate centred around the work of the government advisory Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission. Elaine Toogood, Senior Architect, The Concrete CentreConcrete, illustrates how concrete helps deliver a bespoke, natural aesthetic and superb structural performance.

Planning to Tackle Overheating Upfront

22 Jul 2019

Tom de Saulles, Building Physicist, The Concrete Centre discusses the new planning tool to inform planners about early considerations for overheating.

Style and Substance

10 Jul 2019

Basements are known for requiring technical expertise in engineering, waterproofing and material specification, but this does not need to limit the design and aesthetic of exposed concrete, as Claire Ackerman of The Concrete Centre and Basement Information Centre explores.

Barking Fire: What Can We Learn?

24 Jun 2019

The blaze at a Building Regs-compliant, timber-clad residential block prompts searching questions
Just a handful of days before the second anniversary of the tragic Grenfell Tower fire, in which 72 people died, and another small fire at another block of flats in the capital got out of control, tearing across the outside wall of the building, and causing huge damage.

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