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The Impact of Hackitt on Concrete Frames

21 Aug 2018

On the 14th of June 2017 the Grenfell Tower caught fire. The fire spread exceptionally quickly through the external cladding system. In addition to the unanticipated fire spread a number of other fire safety features did not perform as intended.

Latest on Design Codes for Concrete

21 Aug 2018

The process to update the Eurocodes is underway. Earlier this year some 1800 ‘informal’ comments were made across Europe on a 2nd draft of a revised EN 1992-1-1. A 3rd draft was delivered by Project Team I in May 2018.

Download: This is Concrete - 10 Years, 10 Insights

19 Jul 2018

This new ‘This is Concrete’ 32-page magazine features expert viewpoints and the latest industry data to provide 10 sustainability insights based on best practice and reflecting lessons learnt in the 10 years since the launch of the concrete industry sustainable construction strategy.

New Cements

06 Jul 2018

The specification of concrete code BS 8500 is being amended this summer to include three-part blends of cement such as Portland cement, GGBS and limestone fines or Portland cement, fly ash and limestone fines. These are low carbon cements which will improve the range of options available to designers, specifiers and producers.

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