Fresh Concrete 2024 

Fresh Concrete event series taking place between May - July 2024

Produced in partnership with The Building Centre, this online series of talks showcases some of the innovative practice and new types of concrete emerging to address climate mitigation and adaptation. Fresh Concrete is intended to be a platform for knowledge sharing for all construction professionals, bringing a fresh approach and fresh thinking for concrete.  

Fresh Concrete 2023 was a huge success, drawing large audiences from a wide range of technical backgrounds. Topics covered in the 2023 series included carbon-sequestering concrete, innovative concrete construction, new uses of concrete and innovative concrete manufacture. Recordings of those events are available here.


Fresh Concrete: Accelerating deployment of innovation for a net zero future

Launched in 2020, the Innovandi Open Challenge is a global initiative which uniquely brings together tech start-ups and the world’s leading cement and concrete companies to help accelerate the deployment of new technologies to decarbonise the industry.

In this online event, GCCA Director, Claude Lorea, Cement, Innovation and ESG Director at the GCCA, presented some of the recent successes and on-going activity with innovations linked to carbon capture use and storage and new binders for lower carbon concrete.

The event recordings are available here.


Fresh Concrete: Vascular delivery system for self-healing concrete

The focus of this event is an innovative vascular delivery system for self-healing concrete. MimiCrete’s technology for concrete mimics the way natural organisms heal themselves. Using a patented vascular delivery system embedded in the structure, a self-healing agent is distributed through the concrete, sealing cracks as soon as they appear.

This process prolongs the life of the concrete and reduces the need for repair and replacement which, in turn, lowers carbon emissions.

In this talk Dr Zijing will explain this new technology and MimiCrete’s ongoing demonstration projects including work with the Global Centre of Rail Excellence. 

The event recordings will be availble here.


Fresh Concrete: Electrifying cement production to avoid carbon emissions

Back by popular demand, this series of talks showcase more of the innovative practice, and new types of concrete emerging to address climate mitigation and adaptation. 

Sublime Systems’ electrochemical process for manufacturing cement delivers a deep reduction in carbon emissions by forgoing the need for a kiln. Greg Williams will explain the principles of this new technique for manufacturing low-carbon Sublime Cement TM, its potential use and benefits and current scale of production in the United States.  


Concrete Futures Spring 2024

Innovative concrete

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