Session 1: Making better use of recycled concrete demolition waste: Context

Recorded:Tuesday 07 November 2023
Presented by:Elaine Toogood, Director of Architecture and Sustainable Design, The Concrete Centre

Reduce and reuse are priorities for good circular economy practice. There are a growing number of examples of new developments benefiting from the reuse of an existing concrete frame, but what is best practice when concrete is eventually demolished?

The supply chain for demolishing and recycling concrete is well established in the UK, but what is the best use of this secondary resource?

Recycled concrete is often used as a sub-base, but what other opportunities exist or are in development?

Research undertaken at the University of Cambridge has established that cement paste recovered from construction demolition waste can be used in the manufacture of a new cementitious material, Cambridge Electric Cement. Other potential uses include carbon capture use and storage and the manufacture of new concrete whether as recycled aggregate or recycled concrete paste as a cement replacement.

This joint event between Cambridge University and The Concrete Centre, brings together a broad community of representatives from industry to explore the opportunities, challenges and potential for alternative uses of concrete demolition waste.

It will include presentations on some of the new uses in development, their potential production and separation processes, as well as examples of live projects in progress.

Presentations were grouped into three sessions, this is the recording of session 1.