Sustainability Series: Lean and material efficient design (Week 2)

Recorded:Thursday 20 October 2022
Presented by:Bruce Martin, Expedition Engineering; Emily Halliwell, The Concrete Centre; Will Hawkins, University of Bath; Christopher Matthews, Atelier One.
CPD:1 hours

This webinar showcases innovative and material efficient uses of concrete. Chaired by Bruce Martin, Expedition Engineering, the event features presentations by Will Hawkins, University of Bath on recent work on concrete shell structures, and Christopher Matthews, Atelier One, presenting the First Light Pavillion project.

Presentations within the webinar include:

Welcome and introduction - Bruce Martin, Expedition Engineering

Overview of The Concrete Centre's lean design resources - Emily Halliwell, Senior Structural Engineer, MPA The Concrete Centre

Concrete shell structures - Will Hawkins, Lecturer in Structural Engineer Design, University of Bath

First Light Pavilion - Christopher Matthews, Associate Director, Atelier One

Q&A session