Fresh Concrete 2024: Accelerating deployment of innovation for a net zero future

Date:Thursday 23 May 2024
Time:13:00 - 13:45

Launched in 2020, the Innovandi Open Challenge is a global initiative which uniquely brings together tech start-ups and the world’s leading cement and concrete companies to help accelerate the deployment of new technologies to decarbonise the industry.

In this live online event, Claude Lorea, Cement, Innovation and ESG Director at the GCCA, will present some of the recent successes and on-going activity with innovations linked to carbon capture use and storage and new binders for lower carbon concrete.

Further Fresh Concrete events are planned for 20th June and 25th July and details and booking for these will be available shortly.

 As this is a joint event between The Concrete Centre and Building Centre, your booking details for this event will be provided to both parties. Further information about the Fresh Concrete series can be found here.