RC Spreadsheets V4D - Update for licence holders

Publisher:MPA The Concrete Centre
Price:£100.00 + VAT

Version V4D4 (released in September 2021) is the current version of the RC Spreadsheets. This is an update to version V4D, which was released in 2020, and version V4D3, which was released in April 2021. The update includes significant developments and improvements since the release 2018.

Version 4D4 includes minor updates to TCC13 Punching Shear, TCC54 Circular Column Design and TCC55X Axial Column Shortening (24 Storeys) since V4D3 was released in April 2021. TCC55 Axial Column Shortening has been withdrawn as TCC55X offers the same functionality but allows designers to consider more floors.

Please note: The licence will be valid until the release of the next version or twelve months, whichever is longer.