Our helpline service

The Concrete Centre aims to enable designers and provide generic guidance on the full range of concrete solutions. Technical guidance, in the form of publications and webinars as well as an enriched calendar of event activity are produced in order to assist designers in their specification and use of concrete and are created to enable effective interpretation of best practice and standards. 

To supplement the published guidance above, The Concrete Centre also offers a free helpline service, which is staffed by a small team comprising architects, engineers and building physicists who can answer a wider range of queries and/or supply links to information (either through our own guidance or published by others).

Access to the helpline service is via email only as staff are disparate and this is the quickest way to direct enquiries to the correct technical expert. Those with an enquiry should be aware that our resource is limited to a maximum of approx. 30 mins per enquiry to ensure our ability to answer as many as possible.

The Concrete Centre cannot be an alternative to a paid-for service provided by a project engineer, architect or other specialist. All advice or information from MPA The Concrete Centre is intended for those who will evaluate the significance and limitations of its contents and take responsibility for its use and application. No liability (including that for negligence) for any loss resulting from such advice or information is accepted by MPA The Concrete Centre or its subcontractors, suppliers or advisors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve listed below some questions that are commonly directed to the helpline.

Q: If I email the helpline, how soon can I expect a response?

A: Our aim is to provide a response within two working days. If your query is urgent, we will try to assist, however, this is dependent on staff availability and can’t be guaranteed. 

Q: Can I request a list of concrete suppliers in my area? Do you have a list of approved contractors? 

A: The Concrete Centre does not provide manufacturer or product specific advice. We run no verification programmes or schemes. If you are looking for a listing of manufacturers we recommend that you visit product groups such as the British Ready-Mixed Concrete Association and British Precast.

Q: Will my question be answered by someone in The Concrete Centre team?

A: We will endeavour to answer your query or direct you elsewhere if the issue is not within our expertise. Enquiries sent to the helpline may also be sent to staff elsewhere in the Mineral Products Association, for example, queries on cement can be answered by the team at MPA Cement.

Q: Can you visit the project site to identify and help fix the issue I’m having?

A: No site visits will be undertaken and no responses of a legal nature will be entered into by The Concrete Centre team.

Q: What provision is there for student enquiries?

A: Please see the dedicated web content for students, which lists which of our resources are freely available to assist in studies. Please send any requests through to the helpline. Unfortunately we cannot supply individualised responses for dissertations or studies. 

To contact the helpline, please email your enquiry to helpline@concretecentre.com