Fresh Concrete 4: Graphene-enhanced concrete

Recorded:Wednesday 22 June 2022
Presented by:Alex McDermott, Co-founder, Nationwide Engineering
CPD:0 hours

This final Fresh concrete event featured innovations in the process of making concrete that can dramatically improve the resource efficiency, quality and performance of concrete as well as reducing embodied carbon.

It includes Digitised concrete - intelligent, in-transit, real time concrete management and Graphene-enhanced concrete to achieve stronger, more durable concrete that can avoid the need for reinforcement.

Both innovations are already being trialled in projects around the UK and each presentation will provide more details including principles and benefits of the new technology, as well as its future potential.

Alex McDermott, Co-founder, Nationwide Engineering

Concrete incorporating graphene has been shown to have enhanced durability, improved early tensile and flexural strength and rapid early progressive strength. 

Recent projects have also demonstrated both programme and embodied carbon savings using thinner ground-bearing slabs without the need for reinforcement or shrinkage joints. This presentation will describe the benefits and deployment of this new form of concrete using the graphene-enhanced liquid admixture Concretene.

Fresh Concrete, produced in partnership with The Building Centre, is intended to be a platform for knowledge sharing for all construction professionals, bringing a fresh approach and fresh thinking for concrete.