Sustainability Series: Carbon capture in the cement sector (Week 4)

Recorded:Wednesday 02 November 2022
Presented by:Diana Casey, Mineral Products Association; David Parkin, Progressive Energy; Iain Walpole, Hanson
CPD:1 hours

The UK Concrete and Cement Industry Roadmap to Beyond Net Zero includes Carbon Capture, Use and Storage as one of its levers for decarbonisation. This webinar considers the UK approach to accelerating deployment of carbon capture and outlines current cement carbon capture projects that could be capturing hundreds of thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide this decade. 

Presentations within the webinar include:

The role of carbon capture in the MPA roadmap to beyond net zero - Diana Casey, Director, MPA Cement and Director, Energy and Climate Change, MPA

HyNet: From development to execution - David Parkin, Director, Progressive Energy

CCS and Net Zero Cement production - Iain Walpole, Head of Process and Sustainability, Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage, Hanson