This is Concrete: New ideas and good ideas that never get old

Natural deposits of cement compounds were formed in the planet’s geology 12 million years ago. Cement was used with bamboo on the construction of the Great Wall of China back in 3000 BC, and the Romans were experimenting with cementitious mortars around 300 BC – which they later mixed with stone to form concrete.

By 200 AD, the Pantheon had been constructed. It wasn’t until 1824 that Joseph Aspdin patented Portland cement. But after that the pace of change increased again with the first reinforced concrete house in 1854, the first bridge in 1889, the first tall building in 1904… The list goes on.

Indeed, when you start looking at innovation, it quickly becomes clear that there is a great deal of learning and proven performance that we can’t afford to leave behind. The needs of our society and built environment continue to be met by concrete and masonry solutions. This can be from applying proven thinking to a new problem, working with designers to create new solutions, or through new product development.

In the new This is Concrete magazine, we seek to explore those changing needs, and the solutions that designers need – whether that’s from new ideas or just good ideas that never get old.

In addition, The Concrete Centre provides essential advice on concrete performance from different angles, encompassing specification, designing for material efficiency and lifecycle analysis. Browse the publication library or follow the links for the guides:

These themes are explored in more detail in the magazine with features on:

New twists on good ideas: thermal mass, resilient buildings, high performance floors, reinventing cement, multi-component cements, offsite & modular construction
BIM in practice
Flood resilient design
Low carbon concrete
Q&A with Don Houston of Byrne Bros'
Concrete's whole-life credentials

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