Recycled: concrete is the ultimate solution for material efficiency

In 2014 the concrete industry consumed 107 times more recovered and waste material than the waste it sent to landfill. This fact demonstrates that the concrete industry is a net user of waste.

The industry diverts over five million tonnes of material from external waste streams, and uses them in place of primary materials. Waste is also used as a source of fuel and this reduces the embodied CO2 of concrete. In concrete manufacture, by-products from other industries, such as fly ash from power stations and GGBS from the iron industry reduce demand on primary materials and the embodied CO2 of concrete. Read the latest Concrete Industry Sustainability Performance Report

As part of the Concrete Industry Sustainable Construction Strategy the industry has also committed to Resource Efficiency Action Plans (REAPs).

For more information about material efficiency download guidance from The Concrete Centre:

Material Efficiency

Download design guidance for doing more with less with concrete and masonry