Overheating in housing webinar

Date:Monday 01 July 2019
Time:12:30 - 13:30

Online webinar

CPD:1 hours

Design techniques for tackling overheating are generally well understood, with natural ventilation proving one of the most effective measures, particularly at night. However, this can introduce new challenges centred on issues of security and noise. This webinar touches on these and highlights some useful techniques for tackling them. Also included is an overview of a new method for assessing noise levels with open windows. This is detailed in the recent publication ‘Acoustics, Ventilation and Overheating Residential Design Guide’ published by the Acoustic and Noise Consultants group.

Also covered in this webinar is the role of thermal mass in reducing overheating, which is particularly effective with night ventilation. Finally, research into London’s urban heat island problem is discussed, which includes some interesting findings regarding night-time ventilation.