Achieving cast in situ visual concrete webinar

Date:Monday 13 May 2019
Time:12:30 - 13:30

Online webinar


The use of fair-faced concrete is on the increase not only through aesthetic choice but also for the sustainability benefits of thermal mass and the savings associated with the omission of additional finishing materials. 

Setting aside the composition of the concrete mix the selection of a formwork facing material has a significant impact on finish, consequently an understanding of formwork is essential when specifying exposed cast in situ concrete. The inner surface of formwork dictates the texture, surface and even the tone of the ‘as struck’ concrete. This webinar explores the properties of a range of different formwork facing materials and the finish of concrete that they produce. 

This topic is presented in more detail in The Concrete Centre publication Visual Concrete, which delegates are encouraged to download as background information to this webinar.