The latest issue of Concrete Quarterly is Summer 2019

This issue features:


  • ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT: Nicholas Hare’s gateway building for University College London keeps working even after the students have gone to bed
  • BAUHAUS CUBED: Weimar’s minimalist new museum offers a nuanced take on the Bauhaus’ early years
  • STAYING BOWER: AHMM creates a new piece of city with an inventive revamp of a 1960s office complex
  • SPECTRAL BEAUTY: BPN’s Ghost House shows that all-concrete homes are nothing to be scared of


  • PERFECT TIMING: Careful planning is critical when it comes to the remediation of exposed concrete
  • CONCRETE’S OTHER HALF: Why timber formwork is its perfect match


  • RETURN OF THE RIB: Trough, coffer or waffle? Introducing the world of the ribbed slab

Lasting Impressions

  • LASTING IMPRESSION: Simon Goode’s Californian and Japanese inspirations; and remembering IM Pei

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