The latest issue of Concrete Quarterly is Spring 2021

This issue features:

Casting Off

  • INNOVATION - Europe’s first two-storey printed concrete house
  • ORIGIN STORY - Marc Frohn repurposes a precast warehousing system as a Berlin apartment block


  • DRAMATIC POURS - This concrete house deploys the latest technologies to maximum effect – and with minimal reinforcement
  • GLIMMERS OF THE PAST - Mæ Architects digs into dockland history for an oyster-inspired apartment block
  • MUSICAL INTERLUDE - A bravura performance of boardmarked concrete at the University of St Andrews
  • EXECUTIVE PRODUCER - Snøhetta and Skanska show that a concrete office can be carbon-positive


  • BEYOND THE BINDER - Specifying lower carbon concrete is about more than replacing cement – understanding strength gain and material efficiency are key

Lasting Impressions

  • LASTING IMPRESSION - Simon Henley on his passion for car parks and the inspirational buildings of the Paulistas

From the Archive

  • WINTER 1956 -  Coventry and the art of rebuilding

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