The University of West London: School of Engineering PhD Topics

6 Apr 2016

On behalf of UWL we would like to make you aware of two PhD research topics relating to reinforced concrete. The duration of the position is 3 years, with a start date of May or September 2016.

Compression anchorage lengths

This research focuses on compression anchorage lengths in reinforced concrete. The research concentrates on understanding bond models and compression transfer. This means testing the anchorage of bars in compression to look at the effect of end bearing, end and edge distances, transverse reinforcement, perhaps transverse flexural compression, welded transverse steel.

Lap lengths and shear

This research focuses on lap lengths in reinforced concrete. This research concentrates on understanding bond models (Tepfers) and then on how shear might affect bond and tension transfer. This means combination of experimental work and FE modelling of the lap mechanism.

For more information contact: 
Dr Ali B-Jahromi PhD, MSc, BEng, CEng, FICE
Associate Professor in Civil Engineering & Course Leader
School of Computing and Engineering, University Of West London