Eurocode 2 update in progress

5 Feb 2016

The UK officially implemented the Eurocodes in 2010. Technically, they are regarded as the most advanced suite of structural design Standards. They facilitate common understanding and common design criteria across Europe and help international working.

The Eurocodes were some time in their gestation and now, as with all Standards, there comes a time when they need to be reviewed and, as necessary, revised and improved. And so it is that after a major review, CEN TC250 has embarked on a programme of revision and improvement. In due course, national Standards bodies such as BSI will have to review their National Annexes, etc.

The intention is that a very preliminary draft of the revised Eurocodes will be available for internal consumption by April 2017 and final drafts will be available in April 2018. Beyond that, the approvals and comment processes will take at least another two years. The aim is to publish in 2020.

The Concrete Centre are UK representatives on the committees that are updating the Eurocodes. Charles Goodchild provides a detailed update on activity, as published in CONCRETE Jan 2016