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B1: Building design to Eurocode 2

Introduction to the Eurocode system; basis of design (EC0); actions (EC1);  materials; cover; flexure; shear; deflection; axial; regulatory requirements; conversion strategy; training; resources.

B2: Economic concrete framed buildings

Understanding frame costs; building performance; programme; frame options; cost model studies; ECFE design manual with worked examples; Concept software demonstration; resources.

B4: Post-tensioned slabs

Principles of prestressing; history; benefits; bonded and un-bonded systems; floor layouts and initial sizing; design constraints; construction; procurement; alterations and demolition; case studies; resources.

B5: Flat slabs

Building performance; basics of flat slabs; initial sizing; design methods; design and detailing issues design constraints; reinforcement rationalisation; construction- formwork systems and proprietary reinforcement systems; resources.

B7: Basements

Planning; options; waterproofing strategy and risk; ground movements; construction methods; materials; structural design including control of cracking; inspection; testing and maintenance; resources.

B15: Introduction to RC Detailing

Detailing process: Materials; cover and tolerances; drawing layout and planning; scheduling to BS8666; communication of design intent and responsibilities; model details; best practice; common mistakes; resources.

B17: RC detailing to Eurocode 2

Reinforcement; cover and tolerances; changes to detailing with the  introduction of Eurocode 2; minimum and maximum areas of reinforcement; anchorage and lap lengths; worked example; resources.

B18: Strut & Tie Analysis - NEW

This cpd session looks at strut and tie modelling (STM), which has become available for use under Eurocode 2. STM can be applied to many elements of a concrete structure but is usually adopted to design non-standard elements or parts of elements of concrete structures such as deep beams, corbels, beams with holes, connections, etc. 

B19: Tall Buildings - NEW

Rising populations and space constraints in our cities are encouraging us to build tall. The strength, robustness, fire and acoustic performance of concrete makes it ideal for the cores and frames of tall buildings. This cpd session will provide technical guidance on designing concrete tall buildings.

CT1: Achieving in-situ visual concrete

A practical solution to understanding the natural materials and methods that make concrete; how to produce a specification using BS 8500, the National Structural Concrete Specification edition 4 (NSCS4) and BS EN 13670; selection of materials and formwork; the importance of falsework design; workmanship; reference panels; case studies; resources.

SP1: How to specify durable and sustainable concrete

Specification basics within BS 8500-1; approach and methodologies; exposure classification; routes to specification and options explained; optimizing performance and sustainability for different locations; worked examples; resources.

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