Kingston University Town House - A Case Study

Date:Thursday 10 September 2020
Time:12:30 - 13:30

The Town House at Kingston University is new mixed-use teaching building containing the library, dance studios, a theatre and adaptable learning spaces. The building was opened in early 2020 and is designed to be used by both town and gown. The concrete frame and exposed colonnade are precast concrete to minimise finishes and to take advantage of the structure’s thermal mass.

The solution for the interior frame involves precast columns arranged on a 6.4m grid running along the front of the building. Where longer spans were required, these are achieved using precast, pre-stressed “double T” beams. The double T system may be common practice in multistorey car parks and were used here in combination with a reinforced structural screed to deliver a very efficient solution in terms of material usage - it was called by the project team a "bony design". 

This seminar will feature presentations by the project team including the structural engineer, AKTII and the frame contractor, PCE  who will talk about the challenges and highlights from the design and construction of the building.

We will also announce the winners of our student competition Structural Concrete 2020.

The Town House features in our latest issue of Conrete Quartely magazine.