Academic Resources

As part of a range of services available, The Concrete Centre offers best practice guidance and resources for lecturers and students of structural engineering and architecture. Below, you will find information and resources available to aid concrete learning in UK universities. 

Design tools and software

The Concrete Centre has developed computer programs and software aimed at encouraging the understanding of concrete design. These include:

  • Calcrete
  • Concept V4: Cost and Carbon
  • Dynamic Thermal Properties Calculator
  • Passive Design Assistant
  • RC Spreadsheets V4D

Find out more about these softwares and to download your free copy, visit

Best practice design guidance

The Concrete Centre publishes a wealth of design guidance including concrete specification, framed buildings, methods of construction, performance and sustainability.

Many of our guides are free, and we can make soft copies available to be hosted on central resource hubs, as well as providing hard copies for libraries. To request soft copies for your central resource hubs, please email: 

Structural Concrete competition 2021

This demanding student design competition aims to encourage interest and raise competence in designing with concrete. The competition offers a stimulating and fun challenge to students, while supporting the curricula of civil and structural engineering departments of UK universities.The competition requires students to submit:

  • A conceptual design report.
  • Design calculations for the selected scheme superstructure.
  • Drawings of the selected scheme superstructure.
  • A sustainability appraisal.

To find out more about this year’s challenge and how to enter, visit:

Webinars and events

Many of our free "on-demand" webinars are suitable for students as well as practicing engineers. In particular the webinars on Concrete Framed Buildings and Concept v4: material and carbon efficient options in concrete are helpful for conceptual design of concrete framed buildings. 

Conceptual Design of Concrete Buildings

This 30 minute webinar looks at what considerations a structural engineer should explore when producing a  conceptual design for a concrete framed building and presents typical concrete frame solutions for buildings currently used in the UK. The webinar is aimed towards students studying civil and structural engineering and would be of use to anybody undertaking the Structural Concrete competition. Click here to view the webinar.

Enter the Structural Concrete 2021 competition

Structural Concrete 2021 sets a demanding challenge for all students studying structural design as part of UK
University BEng, MEng and MSc degree courses in Civil and/or Structural Engineering.