Flat slabs

Eurocode 2 resources and servicesA procedure for carrying out the detailed design of flat slabs is shown in Table 1 below. This assumes that the slab thickness has previously been determined during conceptual design. Concept designs prepared assuming detailed design would be to BS 8110 may be continued through to detailed design using Eurocode 2.

More detailed advice on determining design life, loading, material properties, methods of analysis, minimum concrete cover for durability and bond, and control of crack widths can be found in Chapter 2 of How to Design Concrete Structures using Eurocode 2.

Table 1 Flat slab design procedure

Task Further guidance 
  Publication Standard

Determine design life

2: Getting started

NA to BS EN 1990 Table NA.2.1

Assess actions on the slab

2: Getting started

BS EN 1991 (10 parts) and National Annexes

Determine which combinations of actions apply

1: Introduction to Eurocodes

NA to BS EN 1990 Tables NA.A1.1 and NA.A1.2 (B)

Determine loading arrangements

2: Getting started

NA to BS EN 1992–1–1

Assess durability rquirements and determine concrete strength 2: Getting started BS 8500:2006

Check cover requirements for appropriate fire resistance period

2: Getting started and Table 2

Approved Document B. BS EN 1992–1–2: Section 5

Calculate min. cover for durability, fire and bond requirements

2: Getting started

BS EN 1992–1–1 Cl 4.4.1

Analyse structure to obtain critical moments and shear forces

2: Getting started and Table 3

BS EN 1992–1–1 section 5

Design flexural reinforcement

3: Slabs Figure 1

BS EN 1992–1–1 section 6.1

Check deflection

3: Slabs Figure 3

BS EN 1992–1–1 section 7.4

Check shear capacity

3: Slabs Table 7

BS EN 1992–1–1 section 6.2

Check spacing of bars

2: Getting started

BS EN 1992–1–1 section 7.3

Check resistance to moment transfer from column to slab   BS EN 1992-1-1 Annex 1 1.2(5)

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