Eurocode 1

Eurocode 1 supersedes BS 6399: Loading for buildings and BS 648: Schedule of weights of building materials. It contains within its ten parts (see table below) all the information required by the designer to assess the individual actions on a structure. It is generally self-explanatory and the actions to be used in the UK (as advised in the UK National Annex) are typically the same as those in the old British Standards. The most notable exception is the bulk density of reinforced concrete, which has been increased to 25 kN/m3.

Eurocode 1

Reference Title
BS EN 1991-1-1 Densities, self-weight and imposed loads
BS EN 1991-1-2 Actions on structures exposed to fire
BS EN 1991-1-3  Snow loads
BS EN 1991-1-4  Wind actions 
BS EN 1991-1-5 Thermal actions 
BS EN 1991-1-6 Actions during execution 
BS EN 1991-1-7 Accidental actions due to impact and explosions
BS EN 1991-2 Traffic loads on bridges
BS EN 1-3 Actions induced by cranes and machinery
BS EN 1-4 Actions in silos and tanks

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