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Date:Tuesday 29 November 2016
Time:10:00 - 13:00

Gallery 2, The Lighthouse, 11 Mitchell Lane, Glasgow, G1 3NU 

CPD:2.00 hours

This morning seminar from The Concrete Centre and the Modern Masonry Alliance will provide the latest guidance on the design and delivery of long-lasting, resilient homes. Practical guidance will also be given on broader sustainability issues relating to the use and specification of concrete and masonry.

The seminar will provide delegates with:

  • Updates on the latest initiatives to potentially influence future new build housing, including; flooding and the latest proposals on defining and measuring overheating.
  • Guidance on design considerations that impact the resilience of our housing:  flood resilience and summertime comfort.
  • Practical information on specifying concrete sustainably and recycling, plus an overview of the whole-life carbon performance that can be achieved in concrete buildings.
  • Includes how to specify sustainable concrete and address the challenges of the circular economy.


Seminar Programme


Registration, Refreshment and Exhibition




High Performance Housing using Concrete and Masonry
Speaker: Guy ThompsonHead of Architecture, Housing and Sustainability, The Concrete Centre. Modern Masonry Alliance


Guy will provide an overview of the range of construction solutions available in concrete and masonry, for delivering housing, be it high rise or low rise, multiple units or single house development, and will demonstrate how the inherent benefits of masonry and concrete construction can meet UK housing needs and exceed performance requirements. 


Overheating: Insights and guidance
Speaker: Tom de Saulles,building sustainability, The Concrete Centre.

Tom will present an overview of recent research and proposals to define and assess overheating in new build housing. Guidance will be provided on how the thermal mass of concrete and masonry combined with ventilation can alleviate overheating. 


Flooding: Practical Design Considerations
Speakers: Elaine Toogood, senior architect, The Concrete Centre


Elaine will provide strategic and detailing guidance for improved flood resilience in new homes using concrete and masonry, with reference to latest standards.


Coffee and Networking


Whole Life Carbon and Buildings
Speaker: Tom de Saulles, senior manager, building sustainability, The Concrete Centre.


Tom will present on the compelling whole-life CO2 performance, resulting from several attributes largely unique to concrete buildings. These are the focus of this guide, which sets out the ways in which these attributes can be used to minimise CO2 emissions.


Specifying Sustainable Concrete
Speaker: Elaine Toogood, senior architect, The Concrete Centre


Elaine will present guidance to assist designers in optimising the sustainable credentials of concrete through specification. Includes responsible sourcing, use of low carbon cements, recycled aggregates, and tips for achieving material efficiency.