White Collar Factory, London

Project team

Client:Derwent London


Structural Engineer:AKTII

M&E Engineer:Arup MEP

Main Contractor:Brookfield Multiplex

White Collar Factory is a new 22,000m2 landmark office building just north of the City of London. Architect AHMM has produced an innovative and sustainable workplace clustered around a public courtyard, with an additional five low-rise buildings and three restaurants, forming a new urban campus.

The building features surface heating and cooling integrated within a generous 3.5m-high concrete soffit, which works with the ceiling’s thermal mass to provide a comfortable working environment. Additional thermal mass is provided by exposed perimeter blade columns integrated within the facade, which help to declutter the space.

Openable windows will deliver natural ventilation when the outside temperature is between 14°C and 25°C, which is about 50% of the time, with mechanical ventilation operating for the remainder.


Building type:Offices